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- When your light shines bright as the sun and ascends back towards your true home, your purpose of existence gets fulfilled.
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Wonderful, you are here.

Your Home for
Happiness, Health and Self-Realization.

Everyone is welcome here.

All singles, couples, householders, workers and travelers.

All races.

All religions.

All countries of origin.

All sexual orientations.

All genders.

All beliefs.

The universal language is unconditional love.

We are one and the same in the end.
( truth called by many names: spirit, god, source, field, pure consciousness, ...)

A fundamental truth that is joy, bliss, love and one and the same in the end.

Everyone is welcome, because everyone is you.

Welcome back on your true path.

Love to you, my dear soul-friend.

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Your Feedbacks. Thank you so much!

For walking this beautiful path with me.

Mary ( from US, Nevada)

Age-Range: 75-85

(W) "I made the whole program, your website is just terrific. It is beautiful and I love it."

Areli ( from Mexico/US)

Age-Range: 20-30

(W) "There is plenty of useful information and techniques. I'm glad you transformed your years of experience into a platform where you can share with others, that is beautiful."

Les ( from US, Oregon)

Age-Range: 70-80

(M) "It's a great coming together of all you've learned and experienced, plus great visuals on the website! You'll be happy to know that I am currently living out your goals of being totally present, chopping wood, and carrying water, after the winter wipe out of hundreds of our forest trees by a 2 foot snowstorm a couple weeks ago."

Sista-Fayah ( from Africa/US)

Age-Range: 30-40

(W) "Congratulations on the website! Thanks for sharing some of the meditation techniques, I’m employing them in my practice. Give thanks."

Marinela ( from Europe/US)

Age-Range: 40-50

(W) "Excellent  work so much information. Congratulation.Thank you. Many blessings with love."

Marji ( from US, Oregon)

Age-Range: 60-70

(W)" So far i love it. Easy to maneuver and great links. In fact I’m going to watch one of your recommended films tonight while I eat my evening meal . I also passed it on"

HappYourself, made just for you.

Here I will take you one step closer to happiness, health and self-realization.

Hello, I am Roman your personal guide on HappYourself.

My souls purpose was and is to understand myself and our "Existence" on the deepest levels of "Reality".

Over the last 6 years i traveled around the world ( over 40 countries) and meditated more than 10.000 hours to get answers to questions like:

---Who am I?

---What am I?

---Why am I?

---Who created all of this and why?

---What is my purpose in life?

---What is happiness?
-> and how to experience it on a longterm basis?

---How to gather excellent health and how to sustain it?

---How can I realise myself, my calling, my mission?

I will present here everything i have gathered, for everyone who is searching for answers, wants to live in Happiness, Health and Self-Realization.

My love to you, because this understanding of yourself and our all existence and the techniques i will show you here, have been my greatest gifts and it is my purpose to share with you, because your souls happiness is also my happiness.

May your inner light shine all over the world,


- this website and all its content will be free of charge.
Because I truly believe that it is every humans birthright to know end experience the truth of existence to its fullest potential.

- and in dedication to the wonderful people around the world and for the love i have received from everyone.

Roman Neuhaus (from Germany&US)

Happy-Founder and CEO.

My journey took me not just inside myself to "know thyself" with more than 10.000 hours of meditation, but also into places like: hidden monasteries, places that look like no one has ever seen, searching and finding old books & scriptures about our Existence, Meditating with great Masters around the world.

Experiences like these changed my understanding of Reality:
meditating 6 months in Nepal under a Master at the Birthplace of the Buddha ( Lumbini), learning from different masters around the world, guides and teachers appeared on my way teaching me supreme and old knowledge about the Truth of Existence and myself.

I also traveled to overcome my personal fears in life,

so i undertook adventures to understand myself like:

diving with the beauties of the seas ( Thailand, Galapagos Islands ... , deep diving, diving with white sharks, jumping whales next to me(Ecuador) Road trips alone across countries. ( Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, US ...)

Driving across the Amazonas rivers and Rainforest by boat ( Brasil and Columbia) And over 30 more countries ...

Your fullfillment is my fullfillment, your love is my love.

Thank you for reading my story.


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