Welcome back home my dearest friend to "Correct Praying".

-> it took me years to understand the fundamental truth lying behind praying and how it really works.

Welcome to "How to pray in a right way?"

You may directly put praying after your inward or meditation practice. Because your heart is more open, I know faithfully that fulfillment will be received more easily.

Lets Start:

- Dear Lord ( or god, source, spirit, universe ...)
- I am (put here your name)
- Thank you that I am experiencing ..... ( put here your wish)
already in my life.
-> now visualize ( + with all your senses, as good as possible for at least 20 seconds)
yourself already in the situation where the wish is fulfilled.
- It fulfills me with great joy and bliss that everything my soul needs is already here.
- All my love to you from my heart.
- Thank you , Amen.
(or AUM, meaning "so it is" or "so be it".)

In this prayer I put in everything that I have learned in the last years, and without all the failures i have done for a long time, like wishing something for the future and saying: "please, i want to have...",
this is normally not working because you fill your heart with this lack of not having it yet. And so you may wait forever.

I hope this may be of help for you, as praying for 3-5 min a day is part of my daily life.
It is the direct link and connection to spirit, you may already enter when your consciousness is not yet deeply developed.

All the bliss and joy for you,

Thank you for staying with me along the way. :)

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