Welcome back home my dearest friend to "Facing our Shadows".

-> we are our light and our shadows and we have to face our shadows to dissolve them.

Welcome to ""Facing our Shadows":

Going inwards and meditation is not just about the light side of life.

We still have to be aware of all our sides:
light and shadow, good and bad, right or wrong,

bright and dark, love and fear, compassion and hate plus many more.

We should give our attention(conscious-awareness) also to our shadow sides.
And while we observe and understand them more and more they will dissolve more and more.

For example: have you ever had a recurring nightmare,
where something frightening to you happens,
and it comes back again and again?
until one day(perhaps after weeks, months or years)
-> you say stop! and you face the fear and suddenly it is gone.

This is also what happens with your shadow sides( you are afraid of or you don't like)
-> it has to be done, whenever you can.

Because whenever you are aware of it and you give loving attention to it,
-> it will get weaker and weaker, fainter and fainter until it finally disappears.

And your inner light will shine more and more, because
"those shadow clouds are not covering your pure beautiful sky anymore."

-> we are our light and our shadows and we have to face our shadows to dissolve them.

I wish for you, may your light shine and your shadows dissolve,
that you may recognise what pure light being you truly are.


Thank you for staying with me along the way. :)

  • I truly believe if you have come with me this far, your soul is ready to evolve with me to the highest realms of existence and we will walk this path together. With the techniques here on HappYourself, you will soon understand yourself to the extend that was perhaps not even thinkable for you, I am truly happy that you are joining me on this wonderful path. So go on now and practice the techniques as much as possible, because the real, deep change in yourself eventually happens by sincere practice.

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