Welcome back home my dearest friend to "Truth about Death".

-> at the end you might see, death is not what you thought it may be.

Welcome to "Truth about Death":

If you look from an existencial point of view:
- Death actually does not exist, it is merely a transition from one realm ( or layer) of existence to another realm.
As a human-being it is mostly a transition between the physical layer and the astral layer.
-> You know for example that energy might shift its layer but never gets lost.

This can be seen like water, it might gets transfomed from water to ice or to vapour but it never gets lost, even after it has filled the clouds it comes back to earth as rain again.

-> nothing really different happens to a human being, our form or energy might shift, but it never gets lost. ( or would really die)

This does not mean, my soul has now zero fear anymore to "die" ( transit, transform).
Due to the case that the soul is encased in our physical body it is for most human beings a little struggle to give away the physical body after we have been so identified with it.

Fact is:
- most of us when we appear on earth our soul forgets everything ( looses remembrance)
by getting incapsulated in the physical body.
-> our human beings forgets, but not our soul that exists independent from our physical body.

But this is not the case for all human beings, there are for example masters in the east and in the west that are fully conscious of their previous lives, since they are born.

For many it may be a reliev to hear if death itself is painful or not:
-> in the moment when the physical death ( the transition) happens, it is without any pain or struggle.
-> It is actually a feeling of relieve, like a big "letting go" of all what we have been carrying around
with us in this physical body for so many years.

A good example may be here, if:
- you have talked to a person who had a near death experience ?
( people who actually went through the experience of being out of the body or dead ( in the transitory state)

-> they will tell you actually the same thing, that it was without any pain and the feeling or relief can mostly not be described in words.
( My personal talks to some of them made it very clear to me, what already many movies show us today.)

I hope for you that this informations, may be a little relief for you.

All my love to you, that you enjoy the great gift of being human and that you may live a life full of joy and bliss -> until your next part of existence starts.




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