Welcome back home my dearest friend to "My life a spiritual journey".

-> when your soul leaves this body, everyone will experience truth, we are all spiritual beings experiencing a human journey.

Welcome to "My life a spiritual Journey":

- My wish for you is to experience truth already in this lifetime.

May it be of good guidance and help to you, that i tell you "my story" or "spiritual journey":

- Today my normal daily life is where I go inward and meditate for around 3-5 hours every day. (sometimes more)
-> to fulfill my souls purpose here on earth and that my simple life may be of some support to you.

But some years ago I started by
starring 5 min into a candle :)
( Having no real clue what this could bring me later on)

-> but in some parts of my life i was unhappy and my heart told me
to search for something out there in the world that may help me.

So i found online a simple book of meditation.
( I truly believe it was "meditation fur dummies")

And i started with "looking into a candle and observing it".

Before my first sitting session, i made all the great preparations like buying
a meditation pillow and a yoga mat, that my pelvis and feet would not hurt too much.
( because I was never sitting before just trying to cross my legs was hurtful even in the easiest ways possible.)

-> At that time it was nearly impossible for me to sit still for just 2-5 min and watching a simple candle.

But I chose this "candle-technique", because it made me calm probably from my memories:
( when I was a young boy, my lovely father sometimes sat with me
in front of an open fire in the house, setting on this fire me together and just watching it,
since then I loved fire and candles and the beautiful feeling it gave me.)

So I went on with this "watching a candle" until I reached 10-15 min after some weeks or months.
( My feet hurt daily, and many thoughts in me arose "what the heck, can this really be the way?"
and much more thoughts came up wanting to tell me:
"this is nonsense and a waste of time", "the only thing this can give you is a lot of pain")

-> nowadays I know it was the best thing I have ever started in my life.

But at that time, how could I know what would await me on my life's journey ...


Thank you for reading my story, this gives me great joy.
-> please press on part 2 if you want to read more.

Thank you for staying with me along the way. :)

  • I truly believe if you have come with me this far, your soul is ready to evolve with me to the highest realms of existence and we will walk this path together. With the techniques here on HappYourself, you will soon understand yourself to the extend that was perhaps not even thinkable for you, I am truly happy that you are joining me on this wonderful path. So go on now and practice the techniques as much as possible, because the real, deep change in yourself eventually happens by sincere practice.

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