Welcome back Home my dearest friend to "Advance" !

Everyone is welcome here.

All races.

All religions.

All countries of origin.

All sexual orientations.

All genders.

All beliefs.

The universal language is unconditional love.

We are one and the same in the end.
(truth called by many names: spirit, god, source, field, pure consciousness, ...)

A fundamental truth that is joy, bliss, love and one and the same in the end.

Everyone is welcome, because everyone is you.

Welcome back on your true path.

Here we "Start":

"The Introduction Video for you"

Go(o)d to know!

Before we will improve your happiness, health and self-realization I find it necessary to give you a short glimpse of understanding what "Existence" and you "Your-self" actually are.

In 8-10 easy and fast "Steps", you will get all the knowledge you may need. ( depending if you read or watch my videos:))

-> they are ordered in the best way, i believe our minds can grasp it.
( we will start with the totality, because there is the point where everything starts)

All my experiences by going deep inside myself and the gathered puzzle parts around the world, will form a true picture of ultimate reality ( truth of life).

I hope the world around you makes a little bit more sense after you have understood the fundamental truth of existence and your relationship to it.

And watch yourself carefully, if your relationship and understanding of yourself may change in the next few minutes:)

Hint :)

Please also notice that the informations i will give you here, will be given to you in the best way possible for me.

But words by itself can just describe the ultimate truth to some extend and will never be able to unveil it completely. So try to read between the lines what it means for you.

-> explore the informations given, with your heart and receive also your personal answers from there. (because your heart is directly linked to your soul, or if you like the word more, your higher self, who knows everything even beyond your intellect)

After the first half, in Break-time, the fast and easy technique "Heart-Coherence" will be given to you, how to work with your heart and receive answers from there.
(your higher self/soul).

So now, lets get your momentum started.

Welcome to "The HappYourself Advance"

"Words are powerful, but can just point to the fundamental truth lying behind it !"
-> direct experience of existential truth is unmatched and will transform your life.

Welcome to "Understanding the Yogic-System"


Welcome to "Advance: The real Yogic-System"

Yoga is mostly misunderstood around the world
Most people practice just "Hatha-Yoga",
the yoga-system of body-postures for flexibility and strength.

-> This is just a small aspect of yoga, and what yogas ultimate purpose was and is.

Yoga is a far greater system than most people know nowadays and is actually a way of life.

Overview of the main paths of Yoga:
A) HATHA: body-postures for flexibility and strength
B) BHAKTI: path of devotion
C) JNANA: pursuing knowledge with questions
D) KARMA: path of action
E) RAJA: royal path to liberation

- This are just representing an even much larger system, just put into some main categories for better orientation and practice.

- The great-yogic-system is perhaps the deepest reaching, most profound and complete-scientific-systems for liberation still available nowadays on earth.
(On my travels around the world i have not found any greater system if you choose the system wisely)

-> The Yogic Paths purpose is to enlighten human beings.

" In deepest meditation, as practised by those who are advanced in the technique of Kriya-Yoga, the practitioner experiences not only expansion in the Aum vibration "Voice from heaven," but finds himself able also to follow the microcosmic light of spirit in the "straight way" of the spine into the light of the spiritual eye "dove descending from heaven."

- Paramahansa Yogananda

Welcome to "Understanding Kriya-Yoga"


Welcome to understanding "Kriya-Yoga"

I looked at the Yoga-System quiet deeply and want to make now a clearer distinction for you.

Being RAJA-Yoga the "most royal path to liberation", called highest of their teachings, mostly focused on inward practice(conscious-awareness) and meditation.

->There is even a crown on that teachings of RAJA-Yoga, called "Kriya-Yoga".

"Kriya-Yoga" is a complete system in and by itself.
The purpose of it is:
- deep knowledge of yourself.
- insights of fundamental existence.
- raising your conscious-awareness even to the next layers of existence.
- direct path to enlightenment

Enlightenment means = someone who has seen and even transcended the next higher layers of existence,
(reaching into the astral/light or even causal dimensions of existence)

and by that gaining knowledge and wisdom to a higher degree.

-> It is also called the "Airplane mode to Enlightenment"

- Examples known of enlightened masters who used "Kriya-Yoga" or very similar to it:
Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yuketswar,
Paramahamsa Yogananda, Saraswati, and more wonderful examples.

I have not found any other system in the world with more known enlightened beings,
still alive or in the past.

- This gave me a great clue and a clear view in which direction I want to be going.
-> And until now I train it every day.

My inner transformation with this scientific-system is a big gift.
Here under "Advance" i would like to share it with everyone who is interested or feels ready.

- like all knowledge and techniques here, it is free of charge.
- it is a complete scientific-method.
- it is a step-by-step system.
- everyone can do it.
(I know that, because i am doing it, too.)

My recommendation:
- Ask your deeper intuition with "heart-coherence" if this practice is for you?
-> It knows you deeper than you think:)

OK, when you say "Yes" or "your unsure" then
-> send me under the button the short word "Kriya" or send me an email.

" There is an exalted state of inner transcendence in oneness with the Absolute which in Yoga is defined as nirvicalpa samadhi: the soul remains in conscious realization of its oneness with transcendent God even while the physical and mental instrumentalities of the body engage in normal expression and exacting activities, this is the goal of advancement, seen only in supernal beings."

- Paramahansa Yogananda

Welcome to "My souls direct experiences (received with the advance technique)":


Welcome to: "My souls direct experiences(received with the advance techniques)":

Wonderful things that might open up to you with "Kriya-Yoga".

-> Overview of experiences in the direction of the practice:

A) Raising your energy voltage in your body and how to recharge it.
B) Transcending the body completely.
C) Opening all chakras of the body.
D) Raising the Kundalini. (an extraordinary feeling)
E) Feeling and smelling the astral body. (body of light),
F) Preparation for samadhi.
(first stage of enlightenment, nirvana, the breathless state, it is known under many names)

- Seeing your fuller “light body”, when your body is fulfilled by light and suspends.
- Feeling your astral body and the movements of it.
- > It is an incredible feeling (like very subtle energies flowing throughout you and coming back) it is a very peaceful feeling full of joy and bliss.
- experience "oneness"

My "Real Yoga" movie for you:

( Aftterwards comes "Techniques", the next Part with 3 new Techniques and Movies waiting for you , and try to remember -> the important aspect is the every day practice, see you there.)


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Thank you for staying with me along the way. :)

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