Welcome back home my dearest friend to "Conscious-Awareness".

-> pure consciousness is what you essentially are, so why not develop your tool to see it as clear as possible.

Welcome to "How to develop conscious-awareness"?

-> This chapter is also under More "conscious-awareness".

But because it is really important to train it as much as you can, it is also here under daily-recommend :)

It is so true, and most people know it:
-> that they should be aware and in the moment of what they actually are doing.
- And the more you train it the better you get.

But why is it then, no matter how hard you try, it seems that you get no improvement and results out of it ?

It is to see, that your normal daily unconsciousness(be unaware),
stress and fullfilling your desires create tension and energy-blockages(like negative thoughts and emotions)
in your body and more subtle layers of existence.

Now it is important to see, are you more in stress and unaware then you are actually aware and relaxed ?

if "YES": then you are creating more tension and blockages than your are releasing on a daily basis.

And here lies the secret:
like the word dis(ease) says, you are without ease.
-> with whatever you feed your body and mind, that is what you will be and then are at then end.

So you want to be happy and healthy,
but you give your mind and body the signals we are more in stress and without ease than actually being and living in peace and ease.

-> If you are right now in this situation don't worry, most people don't know that and live like that and there is a way out of it.


"how can your conscious-awareness gain the upper hand?

We have to train ourselves more and more to be aware(conscious) of what we feed to our body and mind.

A solution would be(and i have found no better way than this):
-> boost your state of conscious-awareness to such an extend that it will not just help you over the day to stay joyful and less stress,
-> but also store it in the background.

And this background is your body and mind.
Where the tensions and energy blockages will dissolve.
-> now happiness and health can arise.
-> and if you do a little bit more, then deeper knowledge of yourself builds up.
(your self-realization process gets pushed)
-> which will positively effect all areas of your life.

But we could talk all day about it and nothing changes, you have to give it a try and
create with this great tools (the techniques) the environment of yourself that you wish for yourself.
-> it is not a belief, I know it.
This is what I did and many others and you can do it, too.

Try it out also at your normal daily life and be as aware as possible by whatever you do.
(It is not easy at the beginning, but it is worth all the trouble.)
-> because it makes all the difference in your life as a human being and your whole existence.

I know you can and will do it,
may you be happy, healthy and self-realized to whatever extend you wish and go for !




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