Welcome to "The HappYourself Techniques"

"Master one of them, and you have mastered all of them." (->they are all interconnected.)

-> Check the techniques and choose your favourite one or maximum 2, and advance with them as much as possible.
( I totally recommend on a daily basis, the more you do the more you will advance.)

"Welcome to the technique": VISUALIZATION


"Welcome to the technique": VISUALIZATION

The technique: "VISUALIZATION",
i received from the masters of India and Thailand..

- This technique is also called:

I would recommend you:
- to make your own "composite chakra chart" at home,
where you put them all together, that your mind can grasp them easily.

Or you can do it like me:
and photograph them on your phone, and go through them directly before you start.
One by one (lets say 10-15 seconds for a picture, that your mind can grasp it.)

"Remember that any diagrams you are using are only symbolic"


-> Forget your breathing for this technique. Let it do its own thing.

- We go up the spine visualizing the chakra pictures at that points, from bottom to top.

1. Mooladhara
(lowest point of the spine)
2. Swadhisthana
(lowest rear point in the basin)
3. Manipura
(behind the navel at the point of the spine)
4. Anahata (centre of chest at the point of the spine)
5. Vishuddhi
( at the lower back of the throat)
6. Ajna
( end of the spine, middle of the head, hight of the eyebrows)
7. Bindu
(upper back of the head, focus in the middle)
8. Sahasrara
(most upper part of the head, the crown)

I will guide you trough the process how you may do it:

- Be aware of the area of the mooladhara chakra trigger point.

1. Try to visualize the mooladhara chakra picture.
-> See the 4 red lotus petals
and the snake coiled around the lingam at the centre.

2. Then be aware of the swadhisthana chakra trigger point at the base of the spine.
-> Try to visualize the associated symbolic picture.

See the dark blue background
and the 6 vermilion petals;
in the centre is a calm ocean
on a dark night lit by stars and a crescent moon.

3. Now go to the manipura chakra trigger point;
be aware of the area in the spine behind the navel.
-> See the 10 yellow petals on a red background;
in the centre is a blazing ball of fire.

4. Then move to the anahata chakra in the spine directly behind the centre of the chest.
-> Visualize 12 blue lotus petals on an orangey-red background;
in the centre see a glowing flame (eternal flames)
- see the 2 interlaced triangles.

5. Go to the vishuddhi chakra in the spine behind the throat.
-> Visualize 16 purple lotus petals on a green background;
in the centre is a white drop from which nectar is dripping.

6. Move upwards to the ajna chakra at the top of the spine.
-> Visualize 2 silvery lotus petals on a red background.
On one petal there is a sun, on the other a full moon.
In the centre is a lingam and an Aum symbol.

7. Proceed to bindu at the back of the head.
-> Visualize the big drop of nectar on a dark blue background.

8. Finally reach sahasrara in the crown of the head.
-> Visualize the thousand petals radiating outwards
from the centre point to infinity without limit.

Wonderful, you did it.

How do you feel?

-> Is is a great feeling when so much tension dissolves and the energy flow gets freed.
and many more great things you will experience while your chakras ( energy centres) open up.

As the culmination of your practice, try to visualize all the diagrams together.

This is very difficult and few will be able to do it at the beginning, but that is why we train it.

If you can visualize the diagrams, but not together, try the following as an alternative.
-> Try to see the 1.mooladhara + 2.swadhisthana diagrams together.

Then the next day try to add the next picture to the previous two.

When you succeed in this, add the next chakra diagram.

- When you can see all the diagrams together on their right position sitting inside yourself.

-> this will not just cleanse all your energy passages in the body(chakras),

but also unlock great powers of visualization and creational powers,

waiting inside yourself to be realized and activated.

Time: 10 min for starting.

- You may also start with more time if you like visualization or want to improve it for your business, praying or creational life.

Try out what you can manage in a smooth way without overdoing yourself!
(All techniques are done in a healthy and loving way to yourself, that is important.)

Increase: naturally increase, when the old time is smooth and easy, try 5 more minutes.

Goal: 30 min. (if this is your number one, you can also do more if you like.)

How often: daily at least once

My recommendation : 2 times
(examples: morning sunrise and afternoon before 19:00)

-> When you can visualise all the images clearly or even some or all of them together, your body chakras will be activated more and more, your tranquility of mind and capacity of visualising what you want will be of great help in your life.

Thank you for staying with me along the way. :)

  • I truly believe if you have come with me this far, your soul is ready to evolve with me to the highest realms of existence and we will walk this path together. With the techniques here on HappYourself, you will soon understand yourself to the extend that was perhaps not even thinkable for you, I am truly happy that you are joining me on this wonderful path. So go on now and practice the techniques as much as possible, because the real, deep change in yourself eventually happens by sincere practice.

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