Welcome to "The HappYourself Techniques"

"Master one of them, and you have mastered all of them." (->they are all interconnected.)

-> Check the techniques and choose your favourite one or maximum 2, and advance with them as much as possible.
( I totally recommend on a daily basis, the more you do the more you will advance.)

"Welcome to the technique": EMOTIONS


"Welcome to the technique": EMOTIONS

The technique: "Emotions" comes from the masters of Nepal.
(From the city of the birthplace of the Buddha, Lumbini)

- We will put specific awareness to your abdomen
(or belly and the area behind and around the navel),
because this is one of your main centres, where emotions are stored.

- put your awareness to your abdomen ( belly)
-> watch the rising and falling of it, while your breath flows naturally.
( stay with it or come back to it for the whole practice!)

- try to note every aspect of the rising and falling when and where is it soft or hard, relaxed or strong.

- This will improve your space of awareness,

continuity of awareness(very important),
focus and concentration.

- If you feel some space between the inhale and the exhale arising
put your awareness to that space.(also very important)

- While this may sound simple at first, just try it out and see how long you can stay with it in a continuity of awareness. There will be a lot of additional appearances bubbling up from your consciousness that needs your attention:) :

- thoughts (sentences, pictures or visions)
it is to note that from my personal experience probably everyone who has ever done this technique knows:

"your thoughts wants to tell you all kinds of stories why you should end this practice or why this is a waste of time or your the only one who cant do it."

-> and here is the clue:
watch that thoughts(this is really good meditation, observe all aspects of them, where do they come from, why are they here, what may be the root cause why they arise and you will advance a lot in your practice)

- emotions ( fear, restlessness, anger, hate, love, compassion, joy and so on)

- senses ( seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching)

- bodily appearances ( like itching and aching, heat, cold, flow over energies, cramps and so on)

"So what to do when something of this comes up?"

A) we note/see it( that it is there, we are aware of it)

B) we put loving attention to it and observe the nature of it.
( you will see after some while knowledge arises on its own, you don't have anything else to but to be aware of it)

C) just stay totally aware of it ( very important), after some time it will disappear by itself.

-> because all of the things in A+B+C+D, are by its nature transcendental (transitional) they will disappear after a while.

And every time the appearing thing dissolves again
( into the vast ocean of pure consciousness:

-> we go back to the basic technique of "watching the rising and falling of the abdomen" again.

->This was the "EMOTIONS" technique,

After some time of practice a lot of insights will come to you, because you observe all the aspects of yourself in this technique.
(And after a while you will love this technique, because your conscoious-awareness will improve a lot.

-> you will then even see thoughts wanting to arise, where they come from and know how to dissolve them, if you want to.
The same with all other appearances that may arise.

Time: 10 min for starting.
- You may also start with more or less time, you decide it. Try out what you can manage in a smooth way without overdoing yourself!
(All techniques are done in a healthy and loving way to yourself, that is important.)

Increase: naturally increase, when the old time is smooth and easy, try 5 more minutes.

Goal: there is no time limit.
(sit as long as you want or can and explore yourself.)
How often: daily at least once
My recommendation : 2 times
(examples: morning sunrise and afternoon before 19:00)
-> this technique will improve your happiness, health and self-realization progress to a high extend, it is "the one" that i have trained most in my life:)

Thank you for staying with me along the way. :)

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