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"Master one of them, and you have mastered all of them." (->they are all interconnected.)

-> Check the techniques and choose your favourite one or maximum 2, and advance with them as much as possible.
( I totally recommend on a daily basis, the more you do the more you will advance.)

"Welcome to the technique": THOUGHTS


"Welcome to the technique": THOUGHTS

The technique: "THOUGHTS"
i received from many masters of Asia.
(it is quite known there)

- This technique is also called "inner silence"
and has 5 Stages.
It is a great technique, but needs a lot of time and practice to master it.
My recommendation:
just do this techniques as an extra, when you have time and want to.
-> or for all who have the time or can make this time, the ones who want to see what they are capable of, just go for it and be very patient and loving to yourself on this journey.


STAGE 1: "Awareness of sense perceptions"

put your awareness intentionally to the outer world.
- Try to sense, hear, smell and fell the touch of your body on the ground.
(The purpose of this stage is to reduce the influence of outside impressions on one's perception)

- Intentional perception of the outside world leads automatically to disinterest.
-> The mind ceases to be interested or disturbed by external sounds, etc.

This leads automatically to stage 2.

STAGE 2: "Awareness of spontaneous thought process"

- From now on in all the coming stages we stay inwards and observe our thoughts and visions.

- In this stage one becomes aware of the spontaneous thoughts,
and visions exploding from the subconscious realms of the mind.

- This is the stage where the grosser neuroses, phobias and tensions of the mind are released.

- You will relive many past experiences and experience the eruption of suppressed desires.

-> There should be absolutely no suppressions of thoughts.

This stage should be practised until the mind becomes reasonably calm and trouble free.

Then one should proceed to stage 3.

STAGE 3: "Conscious creation of thoughts "

- In this stage one has to create a thought or visualize a scene at will.
-> After dwelling on the thought for some time it is consciously rejected as an object of perception.

Then another thought is posed and again rejected after some time.
-> This is repeated with numerous thoughts of any theme.
(This is a further process of purging the mind of negative data.)

-> These created thoughts stir up associated feelings and ideas that are eventually exhausted.

An example, if you create the thought: "I wish he/she would not have done that to me ....",
and dwell on this thought then many strong emotions and associated thoughts are drawn up from the subconscious realms of the mind.

-> Many suppressed thoughts and feelings can be exhausted in this manner.

After a few weeks or months of practice one should proceed to stage 4.

STAGE 4: "Awareness and disposal of spontaneous thoughts "

- in this stage one again becomes aware of the spontaneous eruption of thoughts, as in stage 2

-> However, one should choose prominent thoughts that arise and reflect on them for a short time.

-> Then they should be exhausted at will.

- Again one should be aware of the spontaneous thought process and again choose a prominent thought.
-> If one has already practised the previous stages 1-3 to a reasonable degree of perfection then the thoughts that arise in this stage, will tend to be more subtle.

- They may even be precognitive or telepathic thoughts.
However, these thoughts, no matter how subtle, are still a source of agitation in the mind.
-> Therefore, they too must be let go of.

After some weeks or months one should leave stage 4 and proceed to stage 5.

STAGE 5: "Thoughtlessness"

- At this stage the mind should be reasonably calm and peaceful.
-> Thoughts will still arise, but they will not be very strong or cause any great emotional upheaval.

At this stage, it is therefore justified to suppress all thoughts completely.
- This should lead to a state of thoughtlessness.
-> Perfection of this stage implies the level of "no-thought".

Great, you have mastered your thoughts.

(Important: If you have reached this stage and want to go on, you should adopt a psychic symbol as a focal point for concentration to reach higher states. )

Time: 10 min for starting.
- You may also start with more or less time, you decide it. Try out what you can manage in a smooth way without overdoing yourself!
(All techniques are done in a healthy and loving way to yourself, that is important.)

Increase: naturally increase, when the old time is smooth and easy, try 5 more minutes.

Goal: there is no time limit.
(sit as long as you want or can and explore yourself.)

How often: daily at least once

My recommendation : 2 times
(examples: morning sunrise and afternoon before 19:00)

-> again, this technique needs time but will improve your happiness, health and self-realization progress, with patience and a lot of practice this will lead to Thought-Mastery.

Even being this is a longer way to advance in this technique, the results may be happily described as:
- You will never need a psychiatrist in your life again, and you will probably be now one of the best in the world :)
(also no medications like anti depressions would be needed anymore)
- It is a gift, if you could advance in this lifetime to this state or even further.

Thank you for staying with me along the way. :)

  • I truly believe if you have come with me this far, your soul is ready to evolve with me to the highest realms of existence and we will walk this path together. With the techniques here on HappYourself, you will soon understand yourself to the extend that was perhaps not even thinkable for you, I am truly happy that you are joining me on this wonderful path. So go on now and practice the techniques as much as possible, because the real, deep change in yourself eventually happens by sincere practice.

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