Welcome to "The HappYourself Techniques"

"Master one of them, and you have mastered all of them." (->they are all interconnected.)

-> Check the techniques and choose your favourite one or maximum 2, and advance with them as much as possible.
( I totally recommend on a daily basis, the more you do the more you will advance.)

"Welcome to the First Technique": HEART


"Welcome to the technique": HEART

This technique "Heart-Coherence" you know already.
-> you may use it in your daily life like I do, my decisions are now much faster and you will love the outcome.

and to go deeper inside yourself than you have ever done before.

Heart-Coherence, your deeper intuition
(higher self) answering you:

What i will show you here, is an important aspect and you will love it, to get in touch with your deep intuition.

-> The Heart is the seat of the soul, the heart has by far more intelligence than the brain will ever have.
(if you didn't know that, thats alright now you know and I will give you the links to the newest scientific studies where you will find that proof down at links)

-> This technique can also be done standing or by walking, if you need answers from your heart while the day, to receive good and fast decisions.
(after some time you will know how precise and true the answers from your heart are.)

- you may do this technique everywhere you want, anytime

A) Move your awareness inwards: stay there for a short time.
(like 30 seconds)
-> sit or stand relaxed
- close your eyes,
- move your awareness first inwards and then totally to the area of the heart or middle of the chest. ( the heart-chakra)

B) breathe in a little slower than normally ( like 4-5 seconds) 5xtimes
- stay with your awareness around the heart and feel the flow of breath there.

C) now produce the feeling of thankfulness or gratitude in your heart.
- for example: you may want to thank the most important or loving people in your life.
( Try to really produce this feeling with all your senses, you may visualize it or what works best for you, try it a little bit)

-> and feel how your heart opens and gets softer.

D) Holding this feeling while your awareness is still at the space of your heart

-> ask yourself: "my heart", is it really true that a good connecting to you ( my heart) may this improve my life?

Wait for the answer: normally the heart answers very fast and short, sometimes even before you have thought the question until the end.
-> If it was like that, great you connected to your hearts deeper intuition.

or maybe you are still waiting ( don't wait longer than 15 seconds)
or if the answer is longer than a few words.
Then it is your brain ( intellect) and ego that is still in control.

-> if so, just try it again, do steps A)-D)
- you should ask now 2 simple questions, to get in touch with this technique
and get to know it better how fast and correct this technique is:

1) If you are a man, ask: my heart, am i a man? //
if you are a woman, ask: my heart, am i a woman?

-> you should now get a very fast response.
( if the heart answers, it is normally a very fast and short answer)

2) If you are sitting, ask: my heart, am i sitting? //
if you are standing, ask: my heart, am i standing?

-> you should now get a very fast response.
( if the heart answers, it is normally a very fast and short answer)

3) Ask you heart the questions you like or you always wanted to ask your higher self ?

Examples: " is love the highest vibrational emotion ? ", " will meditation really improve my well-being ?", "am i god ? "

-> also this answer should come quiet fast, and now you are more familiar where the answer in you body appears.
( mostly it will be in the chest or stomach area when it comes from the heart and your deeper intuition)

4) Stay with your heart for a while and analyse the different feelings inside yourself when a

"Yes"( it may feel opening, uplifting, soft, upwards) or a
"NO"( it may feel contracting, downwards)
comes from your heart.

Great: if you have got your answers for all the questions you wanted to ask, i am happy for you.

You have completed your "Heart-Coherence", may it be of great guidance (like a friend) and help in your life.

Here a little photo of Me and Gregg Braden.
(the clipper on my ear with the cable going to a computer measuring my "Heart-Brain Coherence" was great to experience.

Thank you for staying with me along the way. :)

  • I truly believe if you have come with me this far, your soul is ready to evolve with me to the highest realms of existence and we will walk this path together. With the techniques here on HappYourself, you will soon understand yourself to the extend that was perhaps not even thinkable for you, I am truly happy that you are joining me on this wonderful path. So go on now and practice the techniques as much as possible, because the real, deep change in yourself eventually happens by sincere practice.

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