Welcome back Home my dearest friend to "Truth of Existence"!

I recognize you.

I know who you really are.

You are the spiritual Image and very likeness of god.

You are the unique way in which love, intelligence and divine beauty are happening on this planet.

Today we get to celebrate your life.

I appreciate you.

And I thank spirit and god for you.

Welcome back on your true path.

Here we "Start":

"The Introduction Video for you"

Go(o)d to know!

Before we will improve your happiness, health and self-realization I find it necessary to give you a short glimpse of understanding what "Existence" and you "Your-self" actually are.

In 8-10 easy and fast "Steps" for each Part ( around 10-30 min), containing 4 Main Parts, you will get all the knowledge you may need. (depending if you read or watch my videos:))

-> they are ordered in the best way, i believe our minds can grasp it.
( we will start with the totality, because there is the point where everything starts)

All my experiences by going deep inside myself and the gathered puzzle parts around the world, will form a true picture of ultimate reality ( truth of life).

I hope the world around you makes a little bit more sense after you have understood the fundamental truth of existence and your relationship to it.

And watch yourself carefully, if your relationship and understanding of yourself may change in the next few minutes:)


Please also notice that the informations i will give you here, will be given to you in the best way possible for me.

But words by itself can just describe the ultimate truth to some extend and will never be able to unveil it completely. So try to read between the lines what it means for you.

-> explore the informations given, with your heart and receive also your personal answers from there. (because your heart is directly linked to your soul, or if you like the word more, your higher self, who knows everything even beyond your intellect)

After the first half, in Break-time, the fast and easy technique "Heart-Coherence" will be given to you, how to work with your heart and receive answers from there.
(your higher self/soul).

So now, lets get your momentum started.

To understand your "Personal Concept of Reality", we will first have to take a big step back from it:
-> to receive a good look at "The Fundamentals of Existence" itself.

Step 1: "Basic Understanding of Existence"

The 3 Layers or Realms(Worlds):

- Causal: The Idea of Creation ( like an Idea or thought in the mind, creation begins here)

- Astral: Creation is Light ( Everything manifested is made of vibrations and has light particles in it)

- Physical: Gross Matter ( like the earth and humans, everything in the universe made out of matter)

-> in all the Realms, there are many existing layers again. These can be subscribed by higher or lower frequencies. ( like a human can be born ether of good or less good circumstances)

Spirit is the not yet created Omnipresent Consciousness ( potential energy, not yet into existence) and does not count here as a layer.
-> Also called God, the Source, Universe, Universal Consciousness), the origin where everything manifested comes from.

Your Soul Bodys(Layers) of Existence:

4. Spirit (Omnipresent Conciousness, the basis of all layers and fundament of Existence) and not a body

3. The Causal Body (made of the idea) -> our first body

2. The Astral Body (made of light)-> our second body

1. The Physical Body (made of gross matter) ->our third body

Our soul is part of spirit and the soul is first embodied in the causal over it the astral and then over it the physical body.

-> Now it makes sense that all the great masters always said, we human beings are able to evolve in this lifetime to our highest potential if we go inward and explore them.

In my experience by inward practice (meditation) I receive it like this:

Starting a long meditation and then layer after layer just by focused and continuous awareness the body dissolves, emotions dissolve, thoughts dissolve more and more, subtle energies are moving, more and more light particles appear and finally the very subtle energies of the astral body start moving inside and outside of the body.

This is not something that just I can experience, everyone may experience these layers just by direct-practice, training and patience.

I wish for you, may you one day see the light that is inside all of us,


Scientific Proof of what i tell you here, always comes directly after each Step ( +Part&Chapter) in form of "Movies or Series", "Direct-Links" to websites, "Books" or "Youtube videos".

Just below here under "Movies" and "Books", you will find scientific proof of what i tell you here and what I experience in my mediation practice: -> just click on it.

Step 2: "Understanding your souls purpose"

Everything here is my honest and deep understanding that I have found in myself (with more than 10.000 hours of meditation) and gathered around the world, learning from my masters, teachers, guides, old scriptures and books.


Understanding your souls purpose:

- Ultimately every souls (yours and mine:)) purpose is to go back Home to the supreme truth where we came from. (Spirit,God, the Source,pure conciousness)
= are all just names(words) describing the same truth in the end.

- > And where we will all eventually go back to.
(we will reunite again)

Examples to describe it in words:

" Our soul is like an array of the sun, while spirit is the sun itself"
( And you are part and the fundamental truth of it, too.)

"Our soul is like a drop of water, while spirit is the ocean itself"

And to describe our souls purpose:

"How can you prevent a drop of water( the soul) from drying up?"

- > You have to give it back to the ocean. ( where is ultimately belongs to)

" When your light shines bright as the sun and ascends back towards your true home, your purpose of existence gets fulfilled."

" The personal responibility of every human being is to restore his 'parents' or dual nature to a unified harmony or Eden."

- Paramahansa Yogananda

Step 3: "Understanding the soul:" (What is it?)


Understanding the soul:

- A soul is born, when it is guided by spirit to support life in a world of manifested-existence,
Spirit (pure consciousness) is not yet manifested (potential energy) or by some called space.

- When this separation takes place our existence is transformed from "Oneness" with everything
to "Duality" of existence (like light/dark, high/low vibrations, man/woman)

- Depending on our souls past actions (tendencies, directed by the law of karma), our soul is now encapsulated in one or more of the different bodies (layers) of existence. (explained in Step 1.)

-> our experience in existence is always directed for our souls best growth .

Step 4: "Understanding life on earth as a human being - the purpose of a human lifetime:"


Understanding life on earth as a human being - the purpose of a human lifetime:

- Our soul decided before we began this human existence, what human life would be of the greatest benefit for our soul to grow and learn, evolving again into the direction of ultimate truth(spirit).

- So we decided to set our goals for this lifetime to learn and haven chosen the best time and place to be born.
(example: earth as a human being)

-> After choosing a wonderful fitting womb of a mother to incarnate on earth.

Step 5. "Understanding sleep:"


Understanding sleep:

- everyone experiences different layers of existence on a daily basis, mostly without being really aware (conscious) about it.

(If you have heard about lucid dreaming, this is were we learn to be conscious even while we sleep, and just by understanding this aspect in depth it may get clearer that sleep is just another state of consciousness if we train it.)

Example: So when we normally fall asleep our soul actually leaves the body and goes mostly to the layer (realm) of the astral-world, then there we experience "A Dream" while it feels so real to us.
-> Because this layer of existence contains a higher grade of life-force (more subtle energies, higher vibrations)

- And when we wake up we feel refreshed, revived and recharged but most people are not actually aware of how and why this happens.
(It is a combination of being in total relaxation without being in the physical body for a while and the refreshment of the more subtle energies)

- I have also grasped informations about yogis where sleep or being awake was the same state for them.
-> it didn't make any difference anymore, because their higher state of consciousness has already transcended existence to a higher degree.

(Probably you have never thought about that, right? but it is true.)

"In the state of sleep, wherein the consciousness and body cells are revivified by contact with the superconsciousness of the soul. The rejuvenation effects of sleep are due to man's temporary unawareness of the body and the breath. Unknowingly, the sleeper is thus recharged by the Cosmic energy that sustains all life.”

- Paramahansa Yogananda

Step 6. Welcome to "Truth about Death":"

-> at the end you might see, death is not what you thought it may be.


Welcome to "Truth about Death":

If you look from an existencial point of view:
- Death actually does not exist, it is merely a transition from one realm ( or layer) of existence to another realm.
As a human-being it is mostly a transition between the physical layer and the astral layer.
-> You know for example that energy might shift its layer but never gets lost.

This can be seen like water, it might gets transfomed from water to ice or to vapour but it never gets lost, even after it has filled the clouds it comes back to earth as rain again.

-> nothing really different happens to a human being, our form or energy might shift, but it never gets lost. ( or would really die)

This does not mean, my soul has now zero fear anymore to "die" ( transit, transform).
Due to the case that the soul is encased in our physical body it is for most human beings a little struggle to give away the physical body after we have been so identified with it.

Fact is:
- most of us when we appear on earth our soul forgets everything ( looses remembrance)
by getting incapsulated in the physical body.
-> our human beings forgets, but not our soul that exists independent from our physical body.

But this is not the case for all human beings, there are for example masters in the east and in the west that are fully conscious of their previous lives, since they are born.

For many it may be a reliev to hear if death itself is painful or not:
-> in the moment when the physical death ( the transition) happens, it is without any pain or struggle.
-> It is actually a feeling of relieve, like a big "letting go" of all what we have been carrying around
with us in this physical body for so many years.

A good example may be here, if:
- you have talked to a person who had a near death experience ?
( people who actually went through the experience of being out of the body or dead ( in the transitory state)

-> they will tell you actually the same thing, that it was without any pain and the feeling or relief can mostly not be described in words.
( My personal talks to some of them made it very clear to me, what already many movies show us today.)

I hope for you that this informations, may be a little relief for you.

All my love to you, that you enjoy the great gift of being human and that you may live a life full of joy and bliss -> until your next part of existence starts.


Step 7. Understanding reincarnation:"


Understanding reincarnation:

- So the more we live our life in the direction of the universal-laws (the laws of truth and righteousness), the more also our consciousness or vibration reaches a higher degree and this will determine our next layer of reincarnation.

- It is also possible not to incarnate again and be one with spirit (our ultimate truth) in this lifetime again.

-> It is your free will that was given to you, and right thoughts, speech and actions will determine what your path will bring to you(law of karma, action-reaction).

The coming video shows a young reincarnation of "a former Tibetan Master", he got the official document and approval that he is his reincarnation from "his Holiness the actual 14th Dalai Lama".
-> The video shows: that the little 3-5 year old soul is already remembering his old and new incarnation as himself.

First Lesson: Understanding "Personal-Reality" and "Truth of Existence".

-> here you will get to explore on your own, your "Personal-Reality" and "Truth of Existence".


First Lesson: Understanding "Personal-Reality" and "Truth of Existence":

It will take us around 5-10 min to get a better understanding of ourselves and what we truly are.

Please relax and start the "Inward-Exploration-Video":

-> it is important here to see the video and follow me than just to read the text !
-> close your eyes, just listen and stay inwards.
(forget the text, it is the same that awaits in the video for you.)

- Put your field of awareness first to your pelvis and your sexual organ area, ask yourself, may this be the the area or also called "Energy-Centre" where sexual desires originate from ?
And where our sexual and also life-energy can be found and directed into anything you want when you truly understand it ?

- Let’s go on to your abdomen area around and behind your navel.
May this be the one of the two main "Energy-Centres" where your feelings and emotions are stored and sometimes even get stuck ?
When you have tension in this area, may it be affecting your emotional state and maybe how you react to outward circumstances ?

- Let’s go on now, to your "Energy-Centre" at the centre of the chest, the area of your heart, the second big emotional space in your body.

May this be another area of space where emotions and feelings are stored ?
When you feel hurt or your heart gets broken, do you sometimes feel pain in your heart ?
May it be that your biggest motivations originate here, when it comes from the heart ?
And that thoughts and actions combined with heart emotions have extraordinary powers ?

- Now we move on to our area between our eyebrows, into the middle of our head. The spiritual centre.
May this be the space where your thoughts arise ?
Where you see mental pictures and visions ?
Where the clear voice in your head appears that is talking to you all day, trying to tell you that this is me and I like or dislike this and that ?
May this area be where all inner mental conversations take place ?

And the biggest and most profound question is it not, from where does all of this originate from ?
Where may be the root of your body aches, your emotions, your thoughts, the voice in your head, the pictures and visions ?
->. Think about it. Were does all this come from? Who is the root "ME" or "I AM" ?

We will wait here 20 seconds that you can can relax and think about it.

Now, lets go on.
Ask yourself the question very deeply, where is all this originating from?
What is the most deepest "myself", inside there ?
May it be my presence ?
This entire space I am aware of in the moment ?
My pure directed or undirected awareness ?
This pure consciousness sitting quiet in the background of everything ?

This fundamental field where everything expressible comes into manifestation of our body and mind, emotions thoughts and feelings, the voice in my head, the mental pictures I receive, the visions I see?
May this field that exists in our body also exist outside of our body?
May it be possible, that this field of information enters then our body through the "Energy-Centres" like the heart (the seat of our soul) or the head (our spiritual centre ) and we interpret with our senses this field of information into our reality, through all our filters and believes?
May this field be even omnipresent and omnipotent and existing in everyone and everything throughout the whole universe, the whole existence ?

And may it be possible, that this pure consciousness first will be expressed in an idea or concept, then transformed into light and because of existing-duality its darkness ( “isn't it said and written down that at the beginning was the light”) and now gets even further transformed into the physical-reality ( the grosser existence) that we call (our body and matter)?

May this information be received from the field entering through our energy centres in the body and be transformed by the filters of our mind (which is the combination of believes and perceptions) into "our own personal reality" that we just believe to be true but is merely "just another concept that we create in our mind"?

Yes and "so it is", it was said and out of the creation ( the idea or concept) was made light (and in the beginning god (or spirit or the field) created the light) and out of the light a beam of it, like when it falls into a prism, expressing itself into thousands of different colours (like in a rainbow) that are now manifested and we call this "expression of light -> matter".

And the different interpretations of this light and vibrations that we experience trough our senses are now being interpreted into our personal reality.
( Our "EGO", the edging god(or spirit) out, experiencing ourselves and the world without knowing the truth lying behind it)

-> our false believes of "personal-reality" what we experience through our "5 normal senses" that this is “ME”)

Being this true, then we did already a great step today and thank you for joining me on this little inward journey:)

Could this be a great part of the mystery to understand my being (pure consciousness), my soul in relationship to the origin of existence ?

-> I see you are doing great, and i am pretty sure you could absorb a good amount of what we saw here, I have total faith in you and this wonderful path of understanding yourself or also called self-realization.

You may open your eyes now.
Thank you, you have completed the first important lesson to understand more and more who you truly are.

Let’s go on now, I see you are really getting Into it.

Step 8. What is "Self-Realization?" - and how to "be Fulfilled with your Life's-Task" as a human being? "


What is self-realisation - and how to be fulfilled with your life's task as a human being?

- Every human is a "spiritual being" on the spiritual path, whether they know it or not.
- > Eventually we will all realise this fundamental truth when we leave the physical body after our studies and experiences(like a classroom) of life here on earth come to an end.
-> but it may help you, if you already see that truth a little earlier.

- How does spiritual growth influence our daily life's?

-> If we align ourself with the laws of truth and righteousness every aspect of our live will also expand ( improve).
( sometimes we don't want to believe that, because we feel too much suffering in our life's)

-> but this is a part of the journey and please remember "you don't always get what you want, but you will receive what you need" ( to learn and grow).

- look at the picture to understand how your spiritual growth influences all aspects of your life, because they are all interconnected.

Step 9. "Understanding religion, world-views and spirituality, showing its right place on earth:"


Understanding religion, world-views and spirituality, showing its right place on earth - the same ultimate purpose:

- all main religions nowadays have the same ultimate purpose (existential truth).

-> on earth just shown with different worldly expressions of the same fundamental truth.

- eventually they all lead if you go to their deepest levels, to the one all pervading substance that is governing the universe.
( different expression: Spirit, God, The Source, Allah, Mother Universe, Principal-Law, Omnipresent Consciousness, and so on ...)

- we are all interconnected throughout this governing "field" (Spirit, The Source), which is everything, everywhere, all the time.

- unconditional love is connecting us all and has the highest vibration, raising our consciousness to its rightful place.
(here some examples of other high vibrational-emotions that open our heart: thankfulness, gratitude, compassion, care, loving-kindness, ...)

- On my path, I was able to study the main religions, since many years, and can see now that they are all leading to the same fundamental truth of existence.

-> if you would ask me if i am religious, I would simply say to you: "I AM spirit(ual)"
(which not just includes all the religions but goes further than their sometimes limited world-views)

Step 10. "2 Approaches of life, a basis for happiness, health and self-realization":


Two Approaches to life, a basis for happiness, health and self-realization:

1.Approach: Many humans are never looking inward, facing what they truly are, and because of that

-> problems, negative (unwholesome) emotions and thoughts stack in their backyard, creating energy blockages in the body, getting unhealthy, dis(ease) arises, wondering around unhappily.

(It is like a garden which would normally flower beautifully, if you take care of it, but because you don't give it any attention, weed starts to spread and after some time it looks like a mess:))

-> "When we resolve to evolve our problems dissolve."
2. Approach: Some humans "spiritual" (or give it any name you want) approach:
go inward, know themselves, face the things inside themselves, put loving attention to it and
-> let go of negative attributes and energies (emotions and thoughts) inside of them, they cultivate positive (healingsome) attributes in themselves.

They create a life in happiness, health and self-realization,
-> because the outward reality is a direct mirror of the inward reality.

And if they go deeper, they receive direct experiences and knowledge (wisdom)
-> of who and what they are and why they exist, they approach to higher realms (higher frequencies) of existence.
( Sometimes these people may look like angels to you, because they are "radiating more light".)

“If you can fail also at the things you do not love, then why not go faithfully in the direction that you truly love.”

- Jim Carrey

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